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    Series of quick sketches of agency mascots for people attending ICON illustration conference.
Fun project - stuff like this doesnt come along that often. Adobe asked me to draw agency mascots for attendees to the ICON illustration conference in Portland, OR. I did 15 of them using Adobe Line and the Adobe Ink stylus. I had a lot to do, really quick so i kept it loose and sketchy. It was fun to work that way and what a cute bunch of mascots. Well except maybe the roach. 
Mister Teddy from Shauna Panczyszyn
Sota from Chris Buzelli
Mister Tom from Rilla Alexander
Archie from Jolby and Friends, 
Sidney from Jill Calder
Avocado the cat, from Daniel Fishel
Vincent from Boxing Clever - thanks Meg
Cheeto from Jason Sturgill