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    Illustration series produced for Martini
Martini Art Love - Russia
Illustration: Justin Maller

One of the biggest projects I've ever undertaken, both in terms of scope and production, this work for Martini took the better part of a month to complete. Russian based agency Monstars of Creative contacted me about producing a slew of work for a campaign and event they were producing for their client Martini.

Four weeks, dozens of sketches, a full narrative story and one trip to Russia later, the job was done. I had the concept in mind for these pieces for some time, and having such a great platform to realise them on was very fulfilling. I'm very happy with the end result, and look forward to pursuing and pushing this new style in the future.

The final work ended up being a series of seven images, a story of bringing two people together.
Awww, they found each other in the end! Hurrah for art and Martini and love. Good things.
So then I flew to Russia for the event. We had over 1500 people through.
Playing with the smaller scale reproductions.
Yeah. There were a LOT of people at this thing. Free cocktails, music and art will typically draw a crowd!