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    This is a work from early 2008 with help of some friends from DA like arden18, and cooperation of bobbistock and anaRasha.
Photo Manipulation
First of all, I want to mention that this image could not be done without some nice tips of arden18The model in this picture is the baby bobbistock and the beauty background  in the image is from anaRasha.Thanks to all, and special thanks to arden18 for turn up this image on a tutorial.
the image was created by inspirations like this, but not exactly this one. is just a example.
Our sweet model.
The background.
After the selection and the crop, a little adjustment on the levels of color and brightness.
little retouch in the eyes with dodge tool and exposure.
Some tests of how could be the hair.
Now I used a brush set that I found a long, long time ago. and for the life of me I cannot remember where I downloaded them from and the file doesn't say where I downloaded from. Now I don't feel right about posting them here since they are not mine. But I will share them, just note me with your email address requesting the brushes if you need them.
After some tests, I get this. Make no mistake it took me at least a few weeks to reach this point. I'm still training so give me a discount.   =)
After some airbrushing, for color I use some raw airbrushing then I detailed with the burn tool.
I just used the hair brushes again, for feathers I used more bright colors and for the eyelashes I just used dark colors. For the crown I just took some random image on internet and used live trace on illustrator.
Well, after playing and playing with color tests and adjustments I stopped here, I'm very indecisive at times, so it takes me twice to finish.