Client: Christine Cooper Homes
Industry: Real Estate
Service Provided:
Brand Identity & Marketing Collateral
Christine is a creative REALTOR® who prides herself on providing a worldclass and unparalleled experience for each and every one of her clients. Her bold, approachable and warm professionalism and demeanor lend themselves to her unique ability to provide creative and strategic solutions that empower, educate, comfort her clients as she guides them to success in their real estate goals. 
Well-organized, savvy, and well-liked amongst her peers, working with Christine gives clients a unique advantage that is hard to find in your average realtor. Her measurement of success is amazing reviews and referrals from clients, so having a brand that speaks to her client experience is instrumental to her vision.

The Problem
Christine wants her branding to be bold and inviting, cohesive and adaptable, and speak to her impressive professionalism. As a Southern girl with a long history in the service industry, leaving a warm impression of firstclass hospitality on everyone she crosses paths with is at the very core of her business and being. Having her branding exude this vibe, as well as elements that will be relative to anywhere she may end up in the world as a nomadic military spouse, are the main goals we are working to achieve in Christine’s brand visuals.

Christine's branding needed to stand out from your typical real estate logo. Her customer experience and personal style are bold, unique, fashionable, and unparalleled, and we needed to create an identity to match.
Christine's branding is "modern class with a touch of vintage magic" . The typography speaks to her unique experience with it's whimsy, customized shapes and timeless, clean serif and san serif. Her color palette lends to her feminine and on-trend style, and bright, show stopping personality. 
In recognizing Christine's need for her brand to be adaptable, we curated an extended palette of colors that could blend well with her primary palette and work with any season- all while still being instantly recognizeable as "Christine Cooper".
The "Homes" part of Christine's logo was strategically placed so that it can be removed altogether, or switched out with other words that make sense within the ecosystem of Christine's brand.
The additional graphics and marketing materials marry Christine's expertise with a glimpse of her client experience and personal life, setting her apart as not just a real estate agent, but a fun and outgoing force with a relatable lifestyle.
Christine Cooper

Christine Cooper

Real Estate • Brand Identity, Marketing Collateral