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    Logo and applications for the 50 years of the center of arts and language.
Logo and applications for the 50 years of the Center of Arts and Language (CAL), Santa Maria Federal University, Brazil.
First half of 1012.
Project realized in team at Projetar, Empresa Júnior de Desenho Industrial. 
Original logo of the center. 
In commemoration of the 50 years of activities, the Centre of Arts and Language, of the Federal University of Santa Maria decided to redesign its original logo and adopt the commemorative one during the whole year of 2013, the year of its 50 anniversary.
Besides the new logo, there were created some applications, such as posters for the centre hall and a folder presenting the commemorative activities that will be happening during the year of 2013.
Commemorative logo designed for the 50 years anniversary.
The commemorative logo is a reinterpretation of the original one, so it should have some similarities and also represent celebration and modern ideas. So the first main idea that guided the drawing and style of the new logo was the gestuality, which is a form of expression present in all the courses of the centre, and its dinamic forms can also refer to the joy of a special year.
Based on this idea, the number 50 was created over the design of the original symbol, but it has technical features of a calligraphy made by brush, and so does the word “anos” (years), while the acronym CAL mantain the original type, without the bar on the “A” letter in order to add more personality and originality to the acronym.
The second main idea for this project is the light, specially for the creation of the chromatic palette. Based on the colors of the sky during the passage of the day, in mention to the passage of these 50 years, the colors were selected and adapted to create the brand color possibilities, specially used for the pictures treatment.
chromatic reference from a the different skies colors while the day passes by.
The final color pallet.
Folder application. 
Art for poster and imagery usage. 
Art for poster and imagery usage.