Mira Moon Hotel Branding Collaterals and Amenities
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    Creative Director - Alex Lau Art Director - Angel Tsang
Once upon a time, Chang-Er drank the Elixir of Immortality, bestowed on her by her husband Hou-Yi the archer as a token of their love. The Elixir gave her the power to fly so she playfully soared to the moon but had been stranded there ever since. Devastated by this twist of fate, the Moon Goddess of Immortality sent the magical Jade Rabbit to Earth to be there for Hou-Yi. To this day, Chang-Er continues to watch over them.
Drawing inspiration from the Moon Festival fairytale that tucks at the public’s heartstrings, Jade Rabbit and the moon are the key elements for Mira Moon’s style-savvy brand identity. Chinese patterns and the peony flower are nods to tradition while the primary colors red, black and white imbue the brand collaterals with modernity. From the key holder to the room card, the bathrobe to the slipper, the boutique hotel’s brand identity mirrors its charming décor and strikes a delicate balance between the old and the new.