Tasked by a good friend, Dean Perry, to re-design his personal brand and website, I took on the task with a lot of creative freedom to decide where I should take his new look, and ended up a great-looking logo and logotype, and a modern, clean website for him.
Starting off exploring ideas based around the "V" for Voupe and also ideas related to Dean's main skills - Ruby on Rails and web development - the above ideas were produced, but none were the right kind of look for him. 
Finally settling on a distinctive mark, the next step was to explore different typefaces that complemented the mark and could be used on its own also. The eventual final logo was actually not far from his previous one, instead just refined and improved to further the identity.
Next up after finalising the new look for the logo was the online presence for Voupe, and I wanted a completely different look from the previous site. Focusing on big imagery and big impact, I designed a large background site full of interactive features and fully scalable. Foregoing the flat trend, I added depth to the buttons to make them stand out, and keep the gradient on the logomark to instill depth.