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Jazz age beauty.
Jazz age pin-up.
The mushroom inspector.
The Victorian princess.
African queen.
Modern geisha.
2 geishas.
2 more geishas.
The pilgrim and the poetess.
Devil's horns.
Coins at her feet.
An offering.
The courtesan.
Another courtesan.
Le derriere.
Gigi and Pepita.
A leggy lass.
Prima ballerina.
Bird goddess.
Rima, from Green Mansions.
Race for the golden apples.
A young dom.
Pink fish.
Classic nape.
Autumn faerie.
Another offering.
Fallen leaves.
Candace and Ravi.
A love story.
The diva.
Leather dom.
White shoulders.
A glass plate of Summer.
Glass plate beauty.
Homage to David.
White rose.