Report / Typographer as a wizard
figures are the most 
shocking things in the world.
the prettiest little squiggles of black
looked at in the right light and yet
consider the blow they can give heart. "
H.G . Wells . 

there is no doubt that
content plays the most important
leading role in a book.
as we know,
the leading role always
burns brightly on the stage.
nobody pays much attention
to the supporting role that
works as hard as the leading role,
even though its contribution
might be more important.
it is of no doubt that
the importance of supporting roles are
not insignificant:
                 methods of printing,
all serve the content
and are all indispensable.
people pay more attention to
visual input than in past times(...),
therefore information 
should not just be read,
it should also be communicated;
we are more visually
impressed than ever before.
everybody will notice a silent but good-looking text.

typography needs to assist in the presentation,
interpretation and analysis of the text.
it is its role to explain the text,
which has been broken up into
                                                 essential        ,
                                                 minor             ,
                                                 parts              .
interpretation in literature is more relevant than ever. 
close collaboration is helpful.


ruari mclean 
“the typographer is the servant of the author” 
- it should rather be said that a typographer
  is the mastermind of content.
  the question of the relationship between
  typographer and author or typography
  and content is indefinable.
-  in any case,
   they should be complementary to each other.
   typography is unselfish and disinterested.
   it must be true to the author. 

typography is not only typography;
it also involves psychology.

there is a general presumption the author knows
best the kind of story one wants to read. however, 
the typographer knows best which way the reader
wants to read it. i can make an analogy of a wizard with an incantation:

the author,
as the wizard,
writes spells that can be
understood by the reader 
but as a visual form the spell has only legibility, 
                                                       not function. 
typography is the effect of the spell, 
it can realize the expression of the spell in order
to create an immersive reading experience.
Report / Typographer as a wizard

Report / Typographer as a wizard

project report: typographer as a wizard / london college of communication