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    Homo Mechanicus - Sculptural object made from ceramic. Part of my Master Degree Show.
Homo Mechanicus
Inside - Out Project
The Inside Out Project presents in a metaphorical way  the relationship between the exterior and the interior of the human being. The two are interlinked in a subtle way.  Our inner self is influenced by our surrounding and external experiences, but what surrounds us is often an emanation of our own interiority.
Each piece of work can be interpreted in many ways, the spectator being free to chose his or her own story.
Homo Mechanicus  explores the theme of the machine, and how our bodies can be compared with a complex mechanism. It raises questions about who made it,  what animates it, and about the complex processes that take place inside it, without us even realizing. On the other hand, it can be seen as a reference to the increasing automatizing of our life, making us wonder if our soul was not lost on the way to progress.