Deep Vector Series
Client Vector Illustration Samples and Self-Promo Piece.
The projects below were commissioned for a fantasy/comic/portrait for the creatives in them.

1. Lady Red (Promotional Portrait Illustration) (Illustration/Graphic Design Company)
2. Vix (Promotional Portrait Illustration) (Illustration/Graphic Design Company)
3. NayMarie (Fantasy illustration w/Body Armor) (Photography/Retouching Company)
4. Swann Raider (Tomb Raider Theme 1) (Fitness Professional and Competitor)
5. Swann Fit (Tomb Raider Theme 2) (Fitness Professional and Competitor)
6. Focus (Promotional Piece for 5thGM) (
Illustration/Graphic Design Company)
Deep Vector

Deep Vector

Projects developed for 2 clients looking for Portraits in my various vector styling.