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Handmade Miniature Library

T H E   L I B R A R Y
h a n d m a d e   m i n i a t u r e   p r o j e c t 

​​​​​​​It started as an idea for a movie, and is going to become one. This post is about the journey towards that.
As a props and set designer often choosing to build miniatures, I decided to reverse-design this movie and start the process from my end instead. I begun planning my first set where the main feature would play out its role, namely books. 
Lots of books...

The first, hasty 'test' made on my cellar floor gave me motivation to continue the vision.    All copyrights © Tomas Mayer

An important part in my scenic work is that I strive to reuse scraps and junk as much as possible. A lot of useful materials are still being wasted in the movie branch and it always bothered me. Having a special love for paper as a medium seeing loads being wasted I have a hard time letting it go. Also carrying an unexplained love for old books since I remember, they have always seemed inspirited to me. Beyond the content in words they carry.

But there is also another even deeper meta-meaning for me:
Paper is an ensouled medium. Any sheet of paper could carry life-, or world changing sentences in words or image. However, while some sheet of paper is lucky to carry – let's say– a Constitution, some other end up in the paper bin and the sewer after some wiping. It's like with the fate of people I suppose…
In this project I am giving these crashed destinies a second chance – by letting them play an important part in this gigantic Library.
The experimental beginnings were a book took way too long to make. Though that is often the most pleasant meditative work!
Sometimes the craftsman ambition overcame 'prop makers goal' which is to finish fast, and I started making real little books...
In general I work in three different scales. For this I chose 1/6 to better allow possible future closeups.​​​​​​​
The process would obviously be:  Content  –>  Shelves  –>  Library
     1/ Content – loads of books, scrolls, boxes, jars etc in all forms;
     2/ Shelves – actually, a variation of bookkeeping systems like shelves, piles of books and crates;
     3/ The Library as a designed space with the above arranged in an appealing way for the camera.​​​​​​​
My ateljé during a WIP photo shooting for Instagram.                                  Desktop: Though work is systematised every book is unique...

Whenever a shelf and a greater batch of books is ready, it is time for the best part – dressing the shelf.
That, together with painting and patina is up to this phase the most rewarding moment.

Below a few examples of shelves – some ready and some still in the making.
An early sketch from over 25 years ago  ----------------------------------------------------------->  and after the idea to start making it real.

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Handmade Miniature Library


Handmade Miniature Library