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    Portfolio Section - Artwork
If Not Today, Then Tomorrow
Taking Hold
Converging Slices
Can't See Past It
Bathed in the Light
Playing Nice
Set Free
Caught in a Web of Deception
Family Warmth
Beaming with Support
Street Art
Centrifugal Force
Brilliant View
Soaking It All In
Piecing It Together
Enlightened Balance
Reflecting Back
Looking on the Bright Side
Awaiting Travel Itenerary
Looking for Takeout
Center Stage
Criss Cross
Reflections of a Zoo Life
All Geared Up
First Watermelon
Freakin' Fun
Colorful Night
Look Right Here
Under the Cover
Red Buds in Bloom
Fanned Out
Decking Out Dallas
Shake It Up
Bon Jovi – Dallas, TX – 10-16-13
Child's Play
Peeking Through
Pumped Up
Rising to the Arms of an Angel
Nighttime Fly-by