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    Branding, packaging and website designs
First Cleats - Branding, identity, packaging and web design
The Situation: The team at first cleats had a conceptand were ready to move forward with product development. First, they needed aname, brand identity, packaging and an ecommerce website.

The Solution: We started by helping them with the name. The company’s original name, CooLaLa, had little to do with their product or howthey wanted to position themselves. The Blend team helped create the name and the market strategy. We then moved on to the identity with the goal to createsomething sporty, but reflected the 0-6 month age range for the product.

The packaging features a clear boxwith a platform covered in AstroTurf to hold the shoes. The back of thepackaging has additional product information, photos and the QRtag for quickaccess to the ecommerce site.
The eCommerce site was developed with social media in mind. Users have the abilityto upload photos of their babies wearing First Cleats making them an MVB (MostValuable Baby).
Creative Director, Chris McInerney
Designers, Deanna Miyamoto, Erica Ridout, Chris McInerney