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    Corruption in Lebanon is everywhere. It lives in an economy of its own feeding on everything; and as a result, the fight against it seems hopeles… Read More
    Corruption in Lebanon is everywhere. It lives in an economy of its own feeding on everything; and as a result, the fight against it seems hopeless. But the truth is, corruption acts exactly like a private business: The more you buy from it, the more it grows. And so we wanted corruption to go Bankrupt. Through guerilla marketing, a PR stunt, outdoors, an online movie we brought to life the Country’s Corner Shop called “Lebanon4sale” and invited people to close it down by reporting corruption. All this ecosystem was created to lead people to a reporting website that was fully designed to overcome attitudinal barriers and allow people to engage with the case. At the end, the ease, safety and engagement of the reporting mechanism allowed our client to gather data and quantify incidents involving corrupt practices in Lebanon knowing that their ultimate objective is to raise the public debate and exert pressure on politicians to respond. Leo Burnett Beirut 2014 Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Bechara Mouzannar Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb Managing Director: Nada Abi Saleh Digital Strategies & Innovation Director: Samer Shoueiry Creative Director: Areej Mahmoud Senior Art Director: Joseph Abi Saab Senior Digital Art Director: Tonie Tannous Copywriter: Rana Khoury/Andrew Assi/Tarek Bacha Photographer: Tony Elieh Account Supervisor: Diego de Aristegui/Cecilia Accad Senior Strategic Planner: Youmna El-Asmar Production: Production Company Name: Clandestino Producer: Ray Barakat Director: Wissam Smayra Director of Photography: Yves Sehnaoui Music: Harry Hadeshian Read Less
Sakker El Dekkene (2014) - Leo Burnett Beirut
Stop the shop

3 out of 4 people in Lebanon accept corruption; the remaining 1 in 4 gave up the fight against it. Corruption is so wide spread that it is almost impossible to get anything done without engaging in it in some form, its application is seen as a necessary evil. Corruption has become so powerful; it runs on an economy of its own, like a private business taking over the public sector, treating citizens’ rights as disposable merchandise. 

Our brief was to push people to report and denounce corruption, even when they engage in it, and ultimately use the data to influence positive change. We thought that if corruption thrives like a private business, then it could go bankrupt like a private business:  We created the Country’s shop where everything is for sale, even you.
Case Study - Sakker el Dekkene (Stop The Shop)
Online Film 
Arabic posters

Cannes Lions, 2015:
Gold: Media
2 Shortlists: Grand prix for good, Branded content and entertainment

Clio Awards, New York 2015:
Bronze: Integrated campaign

Golden Drum, Slovenia 2015:
Gold: Public relations
Silver: Events

Dubai Lynx, 2015:
3 Gold: Design, Branded content
3 Silver: Direct, Branded content, Media
4 Bronze: Integrated, Interactive, Outdoor, Promo and activation

LeoIntel Award, 2015:
Big star: New business pitch

Adfest, Thailand 2015:
Integrated lotus
Silver: Promo

Cristal Festival, France 2014:
Academy grand cristal (Grand prix), NGO: Brand entertainment & content
Grand cristal MENA (Grand prix): Brand entertainment & content
3 Cristal (Gold): Brand entertainment & content
2 Sapphire (Silver): Digital & mobile cristal, Media cristal
2 Emerald (Bronze): Integrated, Media cristal
Chief Creative Officer: Bechara Mouzannar
Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb
Managing Director: Nada Abi Saleh
Digital Strategies & Innovation Director: Samer Shoueiry
Creative Director: Areej Mahmoud
Senior Art Director: Joseph Abi Saab
Senior Digital Art Director: Tonie Tannous
Copywriter: Rana Khoury/Andrew Assi/Tarek Bacha
Photographer: Tony Elieh
Account Supervisor: Diego de Aristegui/Cecilia Accad
Senior Strategic Planner: Youmna El-Asmar

Production Company Name: Clandestino 
Producer: Ray Barakat
Director: Wissam Smayra
Director of Photography: Yves Sehnaoui
Music: Harry Hadeshian

Leo Burnett Beirut 2014