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    A classically-inspired redesign of Wonder Woman's costume.
I designed this take on Wonder Woman's costume for Project: Rooftop. As I explained there, my intentions with the design were:
* I very much didn’t want her cleavage hanging out. I was fine with the corset-y top, and fine with her being voluptuous, but I felt strongly that her chest should be more covered. I’d like to think I still got across “sexy and powerful” without a huge amount of cleavage.

* I took the blue and stars out, because I don’t know why Wonder Woman would have American iconography as part of her costume when she’s not American. She’s probably closer to Greek than anything else. I kept the red and the gold WW (which I think we could pretend is more of a tribal design than actually standing for “Wonder Woman”) so that it’s still recognizably Diana.

* I was going to give her pants, but when researching ancient Greek armor – most of the soldiers in the reference I found weren’t wearing pants. So maybe that’s reasonably historically accurate and helps sell the sexy.