Netflix - Pescheria Luciani | Suburræterna

In Suburræterna nothing is what it seems. 
Even an ordinary fish shop can hide something.

There is a new family who wants to take Rome: the Luciani, a family of fishermen
who handled their affairs inside a fish shop: the Pescheria Luciani.  
We decided to bring it to life, 
building up a campaign for its inauguration.
And when you start a new activity, you have to find employees.
So we opened the Pescheria Luciani LinkedIn Page.
We've also invited some influencers to the inauguration.
And on the inauguration day we finally opened the Pescheria Luciani.

But it was only a cover for the shady world of Suburra.

All the setting showed the hidden world of Rome.

The campaign isn't finished yet. 
We made different OOH with the same question: "Who will take Rome?".

We've also touched the most sacred fight for the Romans:
the derby Roma-Lazio, introducing a new match.

We went to Lucca Comics and Games giving fans a gadget, symbolizing the new team.

And Suburra took over all social media too.

Creative Agency: DUDE: Milano
Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Group Creative Directors: Selmi Bali Barissever, Chiara Monticelli | Senior Art Director: Lorenzo Guagni | Senior Copywriter: Alessia Cassarino | Art Director: Chiara Marino | Copywriter: Simone Maltagliati | Junior Art Director: Alberto Baesso | Junior Copywriter:
Gaia Lascala

Head of Content: Ludovica D'Aquino | Junior Social Media Manager: Andrès Pineda 
Digital PR Manager: Vittoria Caron

Client Director: Elena Panza
Account Director: Piera Colasante | Account Manager: Eleonora Acconci

Head of Events and Special Project: Laura Boy
Event Manager: Clara De Paul Liviano | Production Manager: Marco Barberis | Special Product Manager: Martina Augelli | Junior Event Manager: Beatrice Latini | Event Manager Assistant: Beatrice De Castro

Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Producer: Irene Taverna | Junior Producer: Luca Murru
Head of Physical Production: Simone Raddi | Junior Production Coordinator: Francesca Di Donna

Director Post Production: Seba Morando
Senior Editor: Federica Ruggeri, Niccolò Gobbi | Motion VFX Designer: Dario Lipani
Motion Designer: Gabriele Frigimelica | Post Producer: Miriam OttinaJunior Post producer: Silvia Brigoli

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer: Lorenzo Foffani
Strategy Director: Marco Mammino | Senior Strategist: Michelangelo Ferracane

Netflix - Pescheria Luciani | Suburræterna