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 has been my favorite music discovery online tool since forever. I've been a user since about 6 years and I have seen and enjoyed many of its changes, evolutions and even mistakes; and it has helped me to discover a ton of awesome music and keep a record of my tastes. was probably the first online radio to build a social network around it, and thanks to the's API and its "AudioScrobbler" system, hundreds of smaller music websites could build specific music recommendations and solutions for users worlwide.
However, due to the raise and popularity of other services such as Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark and others in the last 2 years, has lost its appealing to the audience and its user interface has been trapped in a time capsule that doesn't encourage us to take a better advantage of all the benefits and goodness that has to offer.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is my personal attempt to create a better
Identifying the Problems and Flaws:
- Obsolete UI design built under older standards and not optimized for high resolutions or touchscreens.
- Current UI was built when the goal of was to deliver music. Nowadays its goal is more focused into helping people discover new music, so the UI should be more driven in that direction.
- UI is not very simplified.
- Current radio player plays Youtube videos, so it should be rethinked for that.
- Social features and user profiles are also obsolote and should be rethinked or simplified.
Proposed Solutions:
- To create an overall more simplfied UI with modern standards
- To create a more fresh and simple way to display artists, users, lists and all the contents.
- To improve the website's navigation and homepage.
- To improve the radio player UX
- To improve the users' profiles and get rid of outdated functions
Home Page
A brand new landing page with a modern and ultra-simple overview of's features. It not only would look more beautiful, but also would approach the user to the functions of from the very beggining, and encourage them to get involved (specially with the Scrobbler apps).
Home/Discover Page
Straight to the point: Simple overview of new recommendations, new releases and community activity. All of these features can be quickly accesed and expanded from the tabs bar on the top, instead of the congestion of boring text links that we have in the current website.
Artists Page
I tried to keep a consistent experience between the homepage, users profile and so I did with the artists page. Clean layout with simple extracts of the most important content and everything organizated by tabs and clean boxes.
User Profile
Again, consistent layout, focusing exclusively on the recent activity of the user, getting rid of functions that don't have much more sense in the current state of, such as "Playlists", Profile Shouts and others. Also, I replaced the old-fashioned function of "Add Friend" for a "Follow" one.
Radio Page
Improved visual experience with a very simple form to start a new station, and the options to access the other stations based on the user's usage.
Radio Player
Simplified experience, improved for high quality screens and with and interface meant for the inclusion of Youtube videos instead of only-audio.
Feel free to comment and let me know some of your thoughts regarding my concept and/or the way you use and how you imagine it better.
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Thank You. Redesign Concept
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