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    Okanagan Fall Winery Association | Branding | 2010
Okanagan Falls Winery Association
Branding, Web Design, Poster Design @ ORCA Creative Canada | 2010
The Okanagan Falls Winery Association is an elite selection of wineries scattered on the hills and valleys of the Okanagan Falls. The OKFWA brand was designed to compliment the look and feel of the Okanagan Falls town brand, yet stand individually as a recognizable mark of its own. 

As ORCA Creative's Sr. Communication Designer, I designed and developed the full OKFWA brand.
In the image below are exhibited some of the most desired logos by the client, along with the final selection.

As part of the brand launch a poster for the Wine Tours Magazine was designed. With an intent to stand out from the typical wine advertising and create an authentic visual language I hand painted, and illustrated the poster. Many graphics elements from the brand logo are used within the poster to keep a cohesive look and feel.  
The OKFWA website was designed and built by Angela Karin under my direction. The water colour painting from the poster was used on the website as the bade map to create a coherent and recognizable brand.
The OKFWA Website connected visitors to the Okanagan Falls town Website where they could learn more about additional attractions, accommodations and special events.