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    Doodle coloring alphabet book for children
Hello! My name is To Chu and this is the first project i post on behance
This project is my final project at the university - It's also the graduation project 
I am the one who have a great passion for Doodle Art, i always use it in almost of my projects
And this project is not exception, with Doodle Art style , i designed an English alphabet book for children, because English is a second language in my country so I want to make a English book by a different way, not like many English book in the store. It is not only for studying new vocabularies but also for coloring, children can also coloring the book by themselves , by their imagination.
This book has 56 page - each letter have 2 page for it, one is normal letter - another is the capital letter 
In the normal letter page, I made each letter into a short story, each words in the story are started by that letter 
In the capital letter page , every letters are surrounded by nouns started by that letter

If you want to see the letter more clearly, please check this: http://bit.ly/1ncACmU
Because it is a coloring book so I also designer color package as a gift when you buy a book, you can choose colour pencil , fibre pen or crayons
My book cover
Clockwise Direction 
Right page: Antler , Aries Zodiac, Avocado, Axe, Anchor, Apple, Aquarius Zodiac
Building, Bear, Ballon, Bee, Banana, Bed, Boot, Brush, Book, Bow, Buffallo,Bird, Bat
Cactus, Cat, Cupcake, Cancer Zodiac, Capricorn Zodiac, Coral, Car, Cloud
Dragon, Deer, Daisy, Doll, Dice, Duck, Dolphin
Eagle, Elephant, Eye, Earth, Eight, Eleven, Egg, Eggplant
(Vietnamese) Flag, Falcon, Flamingo, Fox, Four, Five, Fork
Gemini Zodiac, Ghost, Goat, Giraffle, Goose,Grape, Glass, Goldfish
Hat, Hair, Horse, Hammer, Hedgehog, Hand, Heart, Horn, Hippo
Ice cream, Ink, Iguana, Island
Jet, Joker, Jellyfish, Jigsaw, Jaguar
King, Koala, Kangaroo, Kite, King card, King chess, Knife, Key
Libra Zodiac, Leo Zodiac./Lion, Lobster, Lollipop, Lip, Lily flower
Moon, Mountain, Mickey Mouse, Mug ,Milk, Mobile, Mouse, Mallard, Mockingbird, Mushroom, Mirror, Money, Mask
Narwhal, Nine, Net, Nail, Nest, Note, Necklace, Neck, Nose, Notebook, Noodle, Nut
Octopus, Ostrich, Orange, Orchid, Owl, Onion
Panda, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Pencil, Pinwheel, Parrot, Pisces Zodiac
Queen chest, Quill, Quail, Quail's egg, Queen, Quiver, Queen card
Rabbit, Rocket, Radio, Ray, Radish, Rhino, Rose, Robot
Starfish, Seahorse, Scorpion, Scopio Zodiac, Snail, Spider, Shoes, Scissors, Six, Swan, Sunflower, Sagittarius Zodiac, Squid
Taurus Zodiac, Turtle, Tiger, Ten, Three, Toucan, Tomato, Twelve, Two, Tulip flower
Unicorn, Umbrella, Us flag, Uk flag, Ukulele, gUitar, Urchin
Vampire, Violin, Viper, Violet flower, Vase, Vulture, Virgo Zodiac
Wings, Watercan, Watermelon, Whale, Wolf,,Wheat, Wheel, Walrus
Right: Everything about X-mas 
( 3 letters X Y Z gave me so much problem , because it is very difficult to find nouns started by those letters )
Right: Yak, Yacht, Yarn, Yam, Yok, strawberrY, Yogurt, rasberrY
Right: Zinnia, Zebra Longwing Zebra, Zebra
Between every two letters is the calque paper cointain the vocabularies and the direction to every words in the capital letter page. The purpose i put the  calque paper because i want to make more interesting for reader and make the page looked not chaotic
Here is the invitation box to invite the customers to the book's premiere
This is when you open the box
This is my book exhibition at the university as a book's premiere
Tote Bags as gift
Here is mine and my son. It took 5 months for completing my projects
I also made the coloring version for the book - Here are some examples coloring by water colour
Thank you for watching my project , please supporting me if you like it, I appreciate your supporting
Thank you all of my friends for helping me so much, if i dont have you i cant completing my project 
Love you
P/s : All of this is created by TÔ CHU, please dont claim as your own and please credit if you take it to the other sites. Thank you.