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Show Package: Et hardt liv med Ronny

Show Package: Et hardt liv med Ronny / A Tough Life with Ronny

The infotainment documentary “Et hardt liv med Ronny” ("A Tough Life with Ronny") follows Ronny Brede Aase (a well known presenter in Norway) in his search for an answer to why he keeps making bad choices. From a personal point of view he speaks with experts about topics such as addiction, willpower and phobias, so that he (and the viewers) can understand more about how the brain works.

I was asked to create a visual profile and show package for the series. The deliverables included a logo and a short intro/logo animation, templates for lower thirds and other on-screen text, bumpers/transitions and guidelines for use of colour and typography.
Design solution

The series depict the conflicting duality – the light and shadow, or yin and yang – that exist in a human being. This idea became the basis for the visual identity, and is established through the use of strong colour contrasts (warm and cold) and supporting graphic elements where circles and squares overlap. These shapes are then masked out and cut into positive and negative shapes.

Ronny's personality is manifested in this colourful identity with its playfulness. At the same time, the rigidness of geometric shapes and grids reflect the more serious, research-based aspects of the series.
Typography and logo design

A modern, playful serif font (Cako) is used as the logotype, stacking the words in an unbalanced composition to create a chaotic expression that reflects the series' theme and title. The duality-concept with its light and shadow is hintet at by partially removing the dot above the i.
A flexible sans-serif font, Degular, with its stronger readability compared to the logo font, is used for lower thirds and other longer texts. Angular details complement the typography in the logo.

The use of colour reflect how colour is used in the series. Several interviews are conducted in front of large backgrounds set in bright hues. Similarly, the graphics make use of bold, contrasting colours. In this way, the graphic framework for the series literally becomes a colourful reflection of Ronny's personality.
Graphic elements

The series' identity is also created through a modular, graphic system. These are mainly used for bumpers or transitions. The geometric patterns are formed by four different modules which are combined in different ways in a tight grid.

These basic modules are created through overlapping circles and rectangles, adding or subtracting a second shape to the first. As mentioned, this reinforces the concept of light and shadow.
The modular approach makes it easy to create varied and unique patterns:
Final deliverables
Logo Animation/Intro Sequence
Each new episode has the logo landing in a different colour combination:
Lower-thirds and on-screen texts

The basic, geometric shapes are also used here as part of the texts. The editors using the templates was given the ability to change the text colour for each use, assigning a unique style to the lower-thirds for individual interviewees. Flexibility to adjust scale and position according to the footage create better readability.
Bumper templates

The bumpers were also delivered as templates, with the ability to flip the patterns and change their rotation, as well as choosing between three different colour combinations. This also adds a uniqueness to the transitions each time they are used.

Art Direction & Motion Design: Rebecka Taule
Produsent: Johanne Lund
Show Package: Et hardt liv med Ronny

Show Package: Et hardt liv med Ronny