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Title Design: AMMO

Title Design: AMMO

"Ammo” is a Norwegian drama thriller about arms export.

The series follows Bjørn who is headhunted into the Norwegian arms industry. This industry is in the midst of a revolution – artificial intelligence. Who is to blame if innocent people are killed with these weapons?

The title sequence reflects the central themes of the series: drones controlled by artificial intelligence, and the implications of what would happen if the A.I. makes the wrong choice.
TRY Motion were approached by the production company Anagram to create both the logo design and the title sequence for the series. The latter is based on the idea of how artificial intelligence reads and deconstruct reality to nothing but raw information.

We see the world through the drone’s perspective, a world in which nuance and emotion are removed in the cold calculations of the machine.

The title sequence combines photorealistic 3D models with abstract motion design elements to illustrate this. The humane is reduced to an unrecognisable, pixelated mass in the drones’ interpretation of reality.

The 3D models give an “uncanney valley” feeling where the human form almost seem real through the eyes of the drone. We only see parts of a person, like bits of data. Glitching and noise creates a feeling of miscalculation and data corruption.

Actual A.I. was used to generate imagery and text in parts of the title sequence to illustrate the themes in a more literal sense.

Concept Development: TRY Motion / Rebecka Taule
Art Direction & Motion Design: Rebecka Taule
3D Artist: Frode Ekeberg
AI Consultant: Cedric Jud
Graphic Designer: Christian Ruud

• Diploma (Moving Image, Show Packages & Title Sequences) @ Visuelt 2023
Title Design: AMMO

Title Design: AMMO