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Character Designs: Folkehelseinstituttet

Character Designs: Folkehelseinstituttet / The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
2020 2021

Together with my colleagues at TRY, Kim Holm, James Martin and Kim M. Jensen, I was happy to take part in creating a series of explainers commissioned by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The brief was to convey information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme in a clear and easy to understand manner, during a time were vasts amounts of information regarding the vaccines were circulating in our society.
My role in the project was to design the characters and construct a rig that made it possible to create and animate multiple characters in a short time span. This was helpful due to both production time restraints (we needed to quickly be able to produce new films to relay the latest information to the public as it emerged), as well as communicative needs.
To come across as both reliable and friendly, the films make use of a warm and clear design language with a toned down colour palette, effective use of white space and relatable characters portraying a cross-section of the Norwegian society.
Some of the initial sketches for the character designs.
The characters were designed in Adobe Illustrator, with several different options for clothes, hair, facial features and accessories:
These layers were then imported into Adobe After Effects. The rig was created using expressions and a Master Comp with controllers for colours and other settings:
One of the final films using this character rig:

Concept Development & Art Direction: Kim Holm
Design & Animation: Kim Holm, James Martin, Rebecka Taule
Character Design: Rebecka Taule
Sound Design: Kim M. Jensen
Character Designs: Folkehelseinstituttet

Character Designs: Folkehelseinstituttet