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 About the Artist
Claudia Pureco was born in Mexico in a traditional Mexican family. Her culture and traditions inspires many of her paintings where her Latin descent is proudly displayed. She is a mother of three sons and currently resides in North Carolina.
She has a Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology from “Universidad Anáhuac de la Ciudad de México”. Her studies in behavior and personality has greatly influenced her in the analysis of events around her, and allowed her to capture the feelings and longs of her clients when working in a commission. She values innovative ideas, she questions life and likes roles that generate and expands concepts. People have commented how they love seeing her work, and just drinking in the details. Claudia Pureco's work tells stories. You can almost hear the breeze in the trees, hear the chatter of voices in the background. Her work is so colorful and life giving, breathing hope. Claudia Pureco wishes only to continue to use her talents and to grow and develop as an artist, capturing her inner light, her ideas and most profound thoughts in color and design.

Art Exhibits include:
2013 Collective Exhibit "Con A de Arte" Mint Museum Uptown
2013 Collective Exhibit at Queens University's Arte Latino Now
2012-13 Eight Legs Gallery at Waxhaw, NC
2012 Collective Exhibit Halle Cultural Art Center at Apex, NC
2012 Solo Exhibit at NC Women's Hospital at Chapel Hill
2011 Collective exhibit at the Wachovia Atrium in benefit of the American Cancer Society.
2010 Plaza de Artistas at the Latin American Festival
2010 Actor’s Theater of Charlotte
2010 Collective Exhibit at Shain Gallery, Charlotte NC
2010 Carolina Actor’s Studio Theater.
2009 Plaza de Artistas (creator, coordinator and participant),
2009 McGlohon Theatre

"...when you enter an Art Gallery you enter a magic place where you get in touch with the painter's soul. When you like a specific art piece, it ‘talks’ to you and that, at the end, it’s the artist’s intention: communicate through his art..."

Claudia Pureco

I am a Mother of three and wife to Hector Pureco. As I see my children depart to fulfill their dreams of higher education, I feel very blessed to have this gift to express myself and pursuit my own dreams inside my trade.
 Claudia Pureco Artzone
My journey through color
 Oil Paintings by Claudia  ~ my early work
I can not remember the time in my life when I was not drawing, tracing or coloring. I have always been drawn by colors. "As children, we come into the world with a natural desire to both speak and draw. Society makes sure that we learn language properly, right from the beginning, but art is treated as a gift of innate genius, something we either have or don't. Most children are given far too much praise for their early drawings, so much so that they rarely learn the ability to refine their first crude efforts the way their early attempts at language are corrected".
Key West, 2001  Oil on canvas. Golden wood frame with matting.Canvas: 24"x20"  Frame:  27"x31"

Description: In the 1830's Key West was an Island and a town of mystery. Uninformed men gossiped about the pirates who inhabited the Island ... old town Key West is one of America's true architectural and botanical treasures. On even the tiniest lanes, the locals have faithfully restored old wooden homes and adorned them with lush tropical trees and flowers.
Gondola, 2003Oil on canvas. Dark wood frame.Canvas: 20"x24"  Frame: 26"x30"
Gondolas are a symbol of Venice, an elegant black boat that can be driven easily with a single oar. The gondolier stands up and turns to the direction of movement: this is called "voga alla veneziana", rowing Venetian style. The oar is supported by the characteristic "forcola", made from a single piece of walnut, like an arm folded at the elbow. It made its first appearance in paintings in the late 15th and early 16th Centuries in works by Gentile Bellini, Vittore Carpaccio, and Giovanni Mans. It is a symbol of love an romance as depicted in many romantic movies
Monet in colors, 2001oil on canvas size 20" x 24" Golden wood frame with matting "25 X 29"

Monet is probably the best loved of all the Impressionist painters, and he was certainly the most influential. His paintings attempting to capture the fleeting effects of sunlight at different times of the day and in various environments are still captivating nearly 100 years after his death. If anything, in our era of visual overload, the freshness of how Monet saw the world is even more striking. In this painting, I am interpreting one of his famous paintings but "with a touch of color"
El farolito (the streetlight)  2001 Oil on canvasBlack and Mahogany wood frame  17" X 21"
Every corner of a pueblo in Latin America has a tale to tell, every route, every corner is accompanied with a few light-hearted, but true, history snippets. Legends of their people and their faith. Colorful doors and balconies adorn the Pueblo and at night, antique streetlights still illuminate the path for those who dare to venture out ...
Laika, 2001
Oil on canvas Canvas size 12"x16"Black and Mahogany wood frame 17"x 21"
 $350.00I use to talk to her when I was lonesome; when my kids were to little to understand; and I could swear she understood exactly how a felt. She would looked to me so attentively, not missing a word, she would lick my hand and somehow made me understand what she wanted. She was all to me and I let her go ... Love you

El Burrito (the little donkey), 2003
Canvas size 20"x30"
Wood frame and matting  24"x34"


The donkey "El Burrito" brings back beloved memories of the hard work of my people. Their wills and struggles. Their stubborn attitude and friendliness. The certainty of a job well done. Transports you to paths that have been covered through nameless towns, where there is a common faith … a common heart.
Xcaret in Quintana Roo, México 2002
Oil on canvas Museum style Canvas size 36"X48"
Chilean Rauli Hard Wood Frame

 $900.00X-caret is in a corner of Southeast Mexico. It touches the soul of many that visit it every year. It has inspired artists all over the world. It is an Eco-archeological park where visitors can experience the bio diversity of the area and cultural flavors. The Caribbean waters, soft sand, coconut trees and the warm temperatures are alluring. Little houses by the beach, clothes air-drying, birds flying, incredible sunsets and waves splashing, are only few of the marvels of the place. To capture all is in itself a miracle
The Lake 2002
Oil on canvas Museum style Canvas size 36"X48"
Chilean Rauli Hard Wood Frame 41"X53"

 $900.00Thomas Kinkade, the celebrated "Painter of Light"™ is one of the most widely collected and beloved artists of our day. Like him I do believe art has the power to touch people's hearts and change their lives. In this painting the serenity of the evening is surrounded by tones of yellow and ocre in a symphony of light. Like the Luminists, I strove to achieve the three visual aspects in this art-work: soft edges, a warm palette, and an overall sense of light.
"Oranges", 2003
Oil on canvas, wood frame
Canvas  48"x36"    
Frame  54"x42"

A still life work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects like oranges, a bottle of olive oil, a traditional copper pot, a knife, all over a wood table like you would found in any colonial Mexican Hacienda (an estate or plantation). Still life paintings give the artist more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition than do paintings of other types of subjects such as landscape or portraiture.
Oil and Acrylic Paintings
a new Town, a new Technique
Moving to Charlotte, NC opened the doors to a new world of possibilities. By enrolling to the Braitman Studio, I discovered the use of knifes and spatulas and loved it! Also, getting involved in public and solo exhibitions raised the need of speed in my production. I started using acrylics which I have enjoyed a lot!
Both mediums are good for different things. I love oils. You can't beat the richness of the colors or the transparency and glazing effects you can get. On the other hand, I like acrylics because they do dry fast and it goes well with my style of painting (quick)
"Out of the Darkness and Into the Light", 2013
Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 48" X 24"
Darkness enveloped the world. Lives were changed. How can we ever find our way out of such crippling darkness? But even as that darkness closed in on them, shining lights appeared on the horizon ... a new dawn. As the storm exploded around them, bright flames of hope and heroism put themselves between the cold darkness. They all lived because of her angelic actions and because they followed the light.
“Magic, Believe” 2013
Acrylics on Gallery Style Canvas
Canvas 24” X18”

 $ 440.00
I believe ....                                                    Creo ...
I believe in magic ...                                    Creo en mágia ...
I believe in gnomes and fairies ...             Creo en gnomos y hadas ...
In all possibilities and realities ...            En un mundo lleno de posibilidades y realidades ...
I believe in me ...                                         Creo en mí ...
"Let's go fishing", 2007oil on Canvas: 16" X 20"With dark wood/gold frame and matting 21"x 25"
$400.00Memories of all those extraordinary trips holding my trusting younger sister by the hand and taking her through the wings of my imagination. Her admiration and willingness to “travel” with me is always part of my heart. In this painting the tools used to paint are spatulas and knifes. No brush. All the colors are those found in the spring-summer time.

"Fall in the countryside", 2007Oil on Canvas:12" X 16" Darkwood/gold frame and matting17" X 21"
Very similar to the painting before in terms of technique and style but in this one, fall colors are only used and it is a different time of the day, with the shadows reaching farther. With the use of spatulas and knifes you achieve a better result into impressionism. Dark and Lights accentuate the shapes and forms.
Commissioned and sold ArtWork
by Claudia Pureco
Why Commission Art-Works from Claudia Pureco?

Commissioned Work-Clients commission an artist for one main reason: They want a work that is in someway personalized. Whether it is a portrait of a family member or a rendition of a landscape — the work holds personal significance.
Most of my clients are already familiar with my work. As an artist, I’ve received many opportunities for commissioned work. Some have been used to decor a client's house but also some are hanging from local restaurants.
Most commissions I’ve done have been about someone else’s family, some place they want to have painted, and of an exotic animal they love from their hometown. Others have been a narrative surrounding a person or couple. The greatest part for me is the interview. By chatting with clients before I start their piece, I form visual elements of their story and begin creating the tone of the artwork. I have greatly enjoyed the challenge of painting themes and styles different from my own. 
"Tenderness Collection" 2013
Acrylic on Canvas
Commissioned by Carolina
$600.00 set
“New mothers enter the world of parenting feeling much like Alice in Wonderland.
- Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and also one of the most challenging.
- Motherhood is a process. Learn to love the process.
- There is a tremendous amount of learning that takes place in the first year of your baby’s life; the baby learns a lot, too.
- It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the fantasy of what you thought motherhood would be like, and what you thought you would be like as a mother, with reality.
- Take care of yourself. If Mommy isn’t happy, no one else in the family is happy either.
- New mother generally need to lower their expectations.
- A good mother learns to love her child as he is and adjusts her mothering to suit her child.”
― Debra Gilbert Rosenberg
<span "text-aliEl Cazo (the cauldron), 2001
Oil on canvas Canvas size 16"x20"Golden antique frame 20"x 24 "
 SOLD  $450.00
Mystic incantations, sacred rituals, curious tales of good and evil ... almost always happened around a copper cauldron. At night, deep in the unreachable parts of a forest, the glow of the fire is the only way to guide your steps ... or maybe is the aroma of an exotic dish with herbs and spices ....
Going to the River, 2002
Oil on canvas Gallery style Canvas size 20"x20" *
Washing clothes in the river is still the normal way of doing laundry in many less-developed parts of the world. Even in prosperous parts of the world riverside washing went on well into the 19th century, or longer in rural areas - even when the river was frozen! It was also a social gathering, an opportunity to share the current events, to chat. In this painting, the sides have been painted to continue the image on the face.

Prairie Horse, 2011acrylics on Wood panel
Panel Size 24"X48"

In the middle of North America is a huge area of land which was once covered with grasses and colorful wild flowers. The French called the rolling plains of grass "prairie", from the word for a meadow grazed by cattle. The prairies are a type of grassland dominated by herbaceous plants and grasses. Very few trees grow on the prairies and are usually widely scattered. The prairie .... expansive, private, mountainous, and full of horses, cattle, wildlife and cowboy and Native American history.
PANORAMA, 2011 (Light Series)Acrylics on museum style canvas48” x 24”

"When a man does a piece of work which is admired by all we say that it is wonderful; but when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, moon and stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of someone more powerful than man. Greatest of all is the sun, without which we couId not live... We talk to Wakan tanka and are sure he hears us, and yet it is hard to explain what we believe about this."
-Mato-Kuwapi - Chased by Bears, Santee Yanktonai Sioux (1843-1915)
""Sailing Away" 2012Acrylic on Canvas48"X24"Commissioned by Carolina S    
SOLD $500
“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds
I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
-- Oliver Wendel Hobr>
“Evening Forest2010Acrylics on museum style canvas48” x 24
   so SOLD      $450.00There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,There is a rapture on the lonely shore,There is society, where none intrudes,By the deep sea, and music in its roar:I love not man the less, but Nature more.
~ George Gordon, Lord Byron
from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' ~
Papagayos, 2011Acrylic on CanvasCommissioned by Carolina S.
SOLD: $500.00

Blue and Gold Macaws are birds of the forests and they are often found near water.  They fly in pairs or small family groups but large flocks can be seen congregating at roosting sites.  They have been known to congregate  together with Green Winged Macaws.  During the dry months they tend to stay in dense forests but, during the rainy season, they travel considerable distances to secondary forests where they seek out fruiting trees. They are found in Central and South America.
Town in Italy, 2004
commissioned work
SOLD     $600.00

With a couple of black and white photographs of her hometown in Italy, Charlotte's realtor and friend Terry A. commissioned this piece to adorn the space over her mantel. The house in the right corner belonged to her grandfather and is still in her family. From her grandfather's house she could see the small mountain town located in the east coast of Italy. A beautiful lake lies in the foot of the mountains which are almost always covered by snow.
Adriana,2008inspired on a photo of our little nieceOil on canvas, unframedCanvas: 24"x30"    SOLD    $450.00

Memories of a Toddler.- •What are you thinking little girl? I wonder. Contemplating the immensity of Nature? Feeling God around you? ...what can a 2 year old be thinking about...?
 "Rosalie", 2012
Acrylic on Canvas
gift to Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis
We all go through the veil of amnesia when we incarnate. Spirit guides know that it is challenging to be incarnated here at Earth school AND keep a connection to your higher self and your soul’s purpose.They gently but consistently guide you via intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. They honor the purpose that YOU set for yourself before you incarnated.
An Explosion of Color (2010)
commissioned by Violeta
                                                                           acrylic on Gallery style canvas
                                                                                          80" X 64"
SOLD  $1,200.00
Memories of Creation. •…and then God said “let there be light!” and an explosion of color occurred; an indescribable combination of light and color surrounded everything that was and wasn’t. This over-sized painting covers the whole wall of a two story living room that used to look plain and unattractive. Violeta wanted flowers and colors. She wanted something without too many details but at the same time real enough. This is what she got!
"Something that IS but ISN'T", 2010
commissioned by JeanAnn
Acrylics on Gallery Style Canvas

When close friend JeanAnn asked for this painting all she said was "I want something that is but isn't". Because of our friendship and interaction with the family, I was able to capture elements of day and night, of old and new, of nature and symbols that represent them ... as I see them.
Rupture/Ruptura (2010) Relief Project for Haiti and ChileAcrylics on canvas.unframedCanvas: 24"x20“
SOLD  $400.00
Memories of Hope and Pain. •We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes,floods, disasters, illness and pain. What really matters is the internal force. The clay pot is a symbol of Chile, their craftsmanship, their crackling during the terrible earthquake that afflicted the country in 2010. In the cracks of the pot you can see doves speaking of hope and relief. Even as cracked as it is, the pot (the country) is still holding its shape. The bottle on the other hand, is a symbol of Haiti who was also devastated by earthquakes, it is such a small country and so damaged that it changed forever its shape as the bottle is torn apart and the liquid lost. But in all that devastation, a flowering fallen tree branch takes first place overshadowing everything with its red brilliant color.
Mc Alpine Park, Matthews, NC 2004
Oil on canvasCanvas 16"x20"White crackle and gold frame 21"x25"
SOLD      $400.00
McAlpine Creek Park and Greenway is built on a floodplain in southeast Charlotte. Built in 1978, it was the western Piedmont's first public greenway. A three-acre lake is the focal point of the park. The lake's too small for boats, but fishing is allowed and duck food is available. Biking is popular in the park.
Brisa in Blue, 2010
Acrylics on Gallery Style Canvas
Canvas Size: 20X24
for Son Gabriel

Gabriel this painting to me is so precious, not only because it depicts our beloved dog, Brisa, but also talks about your loyalty, your dedication, your patience, your sweetness. Dogs know better and that is why she chose you! I hope Brisa remains in your life forever and will protect you always. Immortal is the love she has for you and so is the love I have for you my beautiful Conejito.
Tato Macaco, 2011
Acrylics on canvas, textured
Museum Style Canvas 24X30
gift to son Hector

For my son Hector with all the love I have for you. I am so proud of you and it is with immense joy a dedicate you this painting. I hope it will accompany you in all your travels and pursuits. All your future successes and achievements. Every time you see this painting, remember you are always in my mind ... my prayers ...  and in my heart.
Cabo San Lucas, 2009
oil on canvas 60"X84"
custom made frame (window-like) by Claudia PurecoSOLD$1,200.00

Panoramic view of Cabo San Lucas in Baja California del Sur, Mexico. This piece was commissioned by Fernando Gomez and is now in display at Cabo's Mexican Cuisine & Cantina in Charlotte, North Carolina

Tulum, Mexico  2009
oil on canvas 24"X30"
frame restore by Claudia Pureco
    SOLD   $600.00

 Panoramic view of the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This piece was commissioned by Fernando and Ramon Gomez and is now in display at Cabo's Mexican Cuisine & Cantina (previously Salsas Mexican Restaurant) in Charlotte, North Carolina
Scarlet Serenity, 2009Oil on canvasMuseum style canvas 24 X 30 gift to Abuela $200.00
What most attracts me of the forest is the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and Joy. Enjoying the smell of things growing, of the damp soil after the torrential rains ... enjoying the cracking sound of the leaves under your wandering soles .... enjoying the changing of colors, the world...
Cheese and Wine, 2005
commissioned by Hector Tile painted w/Acrylics 12"X12"

Limestone offers your space a naturally soft element and is the perfect choice for giving your home a refined rustic look. Your home could mirror the most memorable Parisian Châteaux's and English mansions, all of which are famous for their beautiful limestone floors and fireplaces. I painted a limestone with acrylics and then placed it in the back splash of a kitchen to give it a personal touch. On the bottle the name of the owner and his date of birth, was added to add a unique detail.

My Volunteer Work and Donationsa lasting contribution to our communityCharlotte's diverse landscape make the city a wonderful melting pot for the fine arts community. With several local theater groups, an annual festival dedicated to the arts, several renowned museums, a symphony orchestra and a performing arts center that rivals any, Charlotte is a one-stop-playground for all your arts and entertainment wants. When we arrived here 7 years ago, I was rapidly engulfed by the many activities and opportunities available. These are two of the most significant collaborations I have been involved with:
Plaza de Artistas is an annual artistic and interactive event created by the Latin American Women’s Association (LAWA) to promote the appreciation for Latino arts and culture in our community. This initiative is organized in collaboration with the Latin American Coalition, artists and art organizations, and presented at the Latin American Festival. The event replaced the traditional Mesas Culturales in 2009 in an effort to increase public interactivity and learn about culture from a different perspective.
"David and the Lion" 2009
Oils on Canvas
Donated to the Latin American Women's Association on Feb 2013
Mexican flower girl, 2003 Oil on canvas. wood framed (not shown)Canvas: 24"x20"
Donated for 2012 Auction during Carnival Charlotte (Latin American Women's Association)
$450.00In every Pueblo in Latin America, awoman (or girl) selling flowers is such a delicate thing. Time runs by and when you goback to that corner were you’ve last seen her, she will still be there! Thesame woman, the same flowers, the same sadness … the same. And on the water’sreflection the world can be seen, the same world that her ancestors lived.

Project Art Aid is a local organization of artists working together to bring local solutions to global problems through art and creative expression.  Project Art Aid works in partnership with local and global charities in fundraising, and with local arts organizations in the pursuit of artistic endeavors.
Claudia Pureco shares their vision of uniting artists of the Charlotte region, all working in solidarity to address the needs of local and global communities. Based in a strong belief in the power of creativity and in harnessing their collective works to serve humanity. Through art, we express, and through that expression, we manifest positive change in the world
As a participant, Claudia Pureco has donated her time, her imaginative and creative ideas and her talent and has contributed greatly with her connections in the community.

"Samaritan's Feet" 2011
Acrylic on Canvass
Museum Style 24X30
 donated to Samaritan's Feet* $390.00
"Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open". "The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land".

*Not just a non-profit, nor just a humanitarian aid organization – but a community of more than 70,000 volunteers who have joined together to make a difference in the lives of children in need in every corner of the world. From a dream to the reality of nearly 3,000,000 impoverished children in over 40 nations being served by having their feet washed, receiving a new pair of shoes, and hearing a message of hope
Claudia Pureco Art Zone