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    Cakes for a cause Charity event to promote the UNCHR Mother's and Baby program.
Cakes For A Cause
UNSW fundraiser.
Cakes for a cause!

Imagine delivering your child on the dirt floor of a tent!
Imagine delivering your child without access basic antenatal or emergency care!
Imagine delivering your child in a place where even a piece of soap is hard to find!

Thousands of mothers and babies die in childbirth every year because they lack the most basic health services.

Just $2.70 can provide a Clean delivery Kit and $133 could help save the lives of 50 mothers and their babies.

The UN Refugee Agency strives provide supplies and training to deliver life-saving medical care for thousands of Mothers and their children’s.

To make a support the cause donate by visiting http://www.unrefugees.org.

Sponsored by:

Deliciously Guilty @ www.delciouslyguity.com.au

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My role was the designer, organiser and manager.