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Beacon 23 - Main Title Sequence

3D Motion
After Effects
An intergalactic adventure is underway ☄ Beacon 23 is now streaming, main titles by Elastic!

Design & Animation Studio: Elastic

Design Director: Olga Midlenko 

Designers: Ilya Tselyutin  & Lynn Kim

Animators: Evan Larimore, Savva Tsekmes  & Steven Do 

Dynamics: Phi Pinyosophon & Miguel Salek 

CG Animation: David Hyatt, Bryan Cox & Tyler Hunter

Rigging: Jade Smrz, Jared Eng

Color Management: Andrew Young 

Assistant Editor: Javier Gonzalez

Senior Producer: Kevin Daly

Production Coordinator: Zak Micciche

Head of CG: Andy Wilkoff

Executive Producer: Kate Berry 

Head of Production: Paul Makowski 

Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall 
Beacon 23 - Main Title Sequence