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    Thesis Final Installation.
Space Study 2

My findings of people’s behavior after First Installation:
It caused uneasiness in them. They had to take a path unwillingly. It was not their decision yet they followed. Why so? And why didn’t they reacted? But kept on going.
They passed through without stepping on it. Not damaging it. Because they knew its someone’s work off course. And also knowing one thing that if they did anything to it, which could get them into trouble. That is Fear.
But when they felt nobody was watching they would pull of pieces from it. Taking out the frustration on it. Frustration of being controlled and now being able to do something about it. They weren’t respecting the work due to their manners. But it was the fear that stopped them from vandalizing it. The true behavior of people reflected when there was nobody around them who would see their such actions. So they felt free to do their own “will”
I explored possible arrangements before the final installation with the help of Cinema 4D. And decided to go with a irregular form. 
Because the site for the installation was an iconic architechural building which is there since 1875. I tried to amplify my idea by combining two opposites i.e 
Structured vs Irregular.
Stable vs impermanent.
Rigid vs Soft.
Before and After