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Vrbo - Always All Yours

VRBO - Always All Yours
- 186 Deliverables
- 7 Countries
- 6 Aspect Ratios
- 4 Languages
Principal Studio: Wieden + Kennedy
Principal Studio: Expedia
Transcreations: Interecho
Localization & Distribution:
Starting with just the US versions of the campaign deliverables, we built out almost 200 videos for campaigns across multiple countries.

Along with slates for each video, the original type animation was recreated 1:1 for localization in other languages.

Since VRBO operates under different names for certain countries, we kept each endcard separate for the alternative locales and included all necessary legalese.

At the end of the project we turned over not only deliverables for web but also broadcast TVC videos (NTSC & PAL) and cinema cuts.
Vrbo - Always All Yours


Vrbo - Always All Yours


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