Detector is a collection representing a series of experiments I passionately embarked upon, inspired by my deep love for digital abstract art. Delving into projects like these during my leisure time is not just an enjoyable pursuit; it's an exploration that breathes life into light, shadow, color, and contrast.

Each venture serves as a radiant beacon in my learning journey, illuminating new paths of understanding and prompting me to embrace fresh ways of exploration. The pursuit of knowledge, like a vibrant palette, knows no boundaries, and I am eager to continue immersing myself in its rich hues.


This project was meticulously crafted using Moi3d, Houdini, with the Redshift rendering engine casting shadows and illuminating vibrant colors. To add texture, I worked with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Then, in programs like Davinci Resolve, I fine-tuned the light, shadow, and overall composition. This blend of techniques and software gives the project depth, brings out the colors, and adds texture for a more engaging experience.

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Design, animation, and direction by Ata Mutahar

Music by Simon Damborg


Process & Unused Footage

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