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Still life
A fish suspended in aquatic memory,
a bounty of fruits and vegetables ripe with nature's artistry,
an orchid's delicate ballet,
sweets tempting like nostalgia,
a weathered hand's timeless touch,
all against the backdrop of a broken pillar,
whispering tales of the past.
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Still here still life
90's dream
A woman's head serves as the canvas for a confluence of disparate yet thought-provoking elements. The melting television on her head becomes a symbol of the influence of media and its malleability in shaping thoughts. The knife positioned on the TV hints at the double-edged nature of the information it disseminates, capable of both harm and revelation. Adjacent to this, a hand is portrayed, engaged in an enigmatic game of cards, reminding us of the unpredictability of life's hand and the choices we make.
Yom Yom!!!
In a world of silver, secrets, and dreams,
A portrait sculpture, a masterpiece it seems,
With a head of diamond, a radiant gleam,
It captures the light, a dazzling sunbeam.
In this tableau of wonder, stories untold,
Each element is a chapter, a tale to behold,
A symphony of life, both young and old,
In silver and diamond, their stories unfold.
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🧁 Bouqake 🧁
In a desert of moments, a hand emerges,
Fork in its grasp, a dance it converges.
A cactus stands proud, resilient and tall,
Silent witness to stories, whispers in the sprawl.
Amidst thorns and arid dreams it grows,
Yet beauty blooms, a paradox it shows.
A rose unfurls, petals soft and red,
Love's testament, in a landscape widespread. 🌹 🌵
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Still life

Still life

Still life experiments.