Making Of
Making Of
Making Of
 Client : Hero Cycles
Brief : The client is coming up with new range of mountain bikes for the Indian Market where they wanted to showcase their bikes being used in different terrains.
Work : As it is difficult to shoot real time in the natural environment with respect to the time consumed and the cost associated with it. We worked very closely with the photographer 'AMOL JADHAV'  to get the desired lighting in the studio with respect to the selected backplates in which the bike & the rider were going to get comped in. Once the shoot is done for the talents to be used in the image, it further gets into post production (retouching) with respect to the brief for the image. Where it involves a lot of attention to detail to comp a studio image in a natural environment (selected backplate) to make it look 'Real' & not a comp, which is the core idea.