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    The colored version of an image I created for Paul Richards' Substrata project. Published by Udon Entertainment, July 2014.
In 2013, veteran video-game concept artist Paul Richards decided to put together an art book based on a fictitious IP of his own creation.  He invited several of his colleagues and friends to contribute to the book.  He also made an open call-for-art to the video-game art-world for contributions.  The only things required were skill and imagination.  There was no set lore or backstory to the IP... simply the premise of a story set in a dark-fantasy world.
Below is the process for an image I contributed to "Substrata"... I don't have a name for it, yet.  I need something witty :)
UPDATE:  I've delved the reaches of dirty wit and changed the name from "Nord" to "His Holiness, Saint-Lictor Rimm".
drawing process
finished drawing
drawing, digital value study, colored version, color corrected version
You can find more about the book from Udon Publishing.  You can purchase the book from Amazon.
Disclaimer: Only the drawing made the book.  The colored version is something I completed after the call-for-art period concluded.
2/3 of the triptych complete... more to come