Birdhouse Designs by Lina, Adriana, and Chris Grigaitis
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    Designs of birdhouses
Birdhouse Designs by Lina, Adriana, and Christopher Grigaitis
We hope to bring a little fun into people's lives.
"Tres Bien" birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe 2011
"Wild Thing" Birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe, 2010
"Sparkles" birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe 2010
"AHA!" birdhouse by Lina and Adriana Grigaitis, photo by Patsy McEnroe 2011
One day, as I was watching a robin hop around on our lawn, I was struck by a sudden desire to build her a fancy home—not a ragtag collection of twigs and leaves like the kind she was probably accustomed to and not one of the conventional birdhouses that one could find in a store, but a real palace that would make this bird the envy of her peers.  As I played with this fanciful idea in my head, I quickly realized that a birdhouse, unlike a building designed for people, presents a total of six sides for design rather than the traditional five—the birdhouse can be viewed from all possible perspectives including from its bottom (sixth) surface.  As a student fresh out of architecture school, generating ideas to solve this design challenge became a wonderful creative outlet for me and an opportunity to apply the skills I had learned in architecture school to a real world problem.

That was twenty years ago.  Now, I am a stay-at-home mother with three young children.  Although I still work with the occasional client if the project really interests me, I am always on the lookout for additional opportunities to express myself creatively in spite of my hectic parenting schedule.  To this end, I decided to revisit my birdhouse designs from twenty years ago to see what new directions they might be able to take.  The deep red birdhouse is called "AHA!" and symbolizes to me the birth of a great idea.  My five-year old daughter suggested that the design needed glitter.  I thought this was a great idea and so a shimmering is now part of the design.  The vertical birdhouse, "Wild Thing," was named by my daughter and is a reference to the classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak. The pink birdhouse is called "Sparkles" and is a whimsical study of shape and color.  Once again, my head is starting to fill with ideas for new birdhouse designs much as it did when I was a student twenty years ago.  I put these ideas on paper and will build them as time allows.