Zac Fay for Gubbins 
Folks! We’re here to tell you about the magic of Gubbins, a fun, friendly puzzle game, out now! 

Place letter tiles to construct words, with the help and hindrance of weird little pals called Gubbins, created by Jacky Winter artist Zac Fay who is just the best at making weird/cute little creatures. The cheeky, hilarious and comical Gubbins flaunter joy as though it’s their job. More of that, please.

A huge appraisal to Zac for his creations and a big thank you for allowing us a peek into his wild imagination. 
Gubbins is a moreish wordplay at its best, created by the masterminds Jess and Darcy at Studio Folly. 

Minimalist typography alongside mischievous little pals. It’s essentially Solitaire meets Scrabble with hilarious friends wreaking havoc.
Play on a tram, with a baby in your arm, on a plane or with a cuppa tea on a sleepy Sunday morning (one-handing is encouraged).

Strive for a high score and provoke unsuspecting friends & colleagues into reluctant competition.
Prepare to be distracted in the best possible way with the roguelike wordplay of Gubbins. 

Thank you to our very own Producer Clara, who played a huge part in the production of this collaborative creation too. 

Now go download Gubbins and have some fun! ​​​​​​​
Game Credits
Jessica Shipard - Creative Director & Studio Folly Co-founder
Darcy Smith - Game Director & Studio Folly Co-founder
Katarzyna Wiktorski - Composition & Sound Design
Zac Fay - Illustrator via The Jacky Winter Group
Georgia Kriss - Animator
Ryan Cooper - Senior Programmer
Adam Scoble - Senior Programmer

Trailer Credits
Director - Georgia Kriss
Storyboards - Georgia Kriss
Lead Design - Zac Fay
Character Design - Zac Fay
Backgrounds - Georgia Kriss
Animation - Georgia Kriss, Nikhil Markale, Aggelos Papatoniou, Josh Trotter
Composition - Katarzyna Wiktorski
Sound & Audio Design - A Shell in the Pit

Music Credits
Composition - Katarzyna Wiktorski
Piano - Katarzyna Wiktorski
Violin - Chloe Sanger
Cello - Darcy Gilkerson
Trumpet - Audrey Powne
Alto Saxophone - Flora Carbo
Bass - William Base
Mastering - Miles Mumford @ Rolling Stock Studios, Collingwood

With support from VicScreen and Screen Australia
Illustration collaboration with The Jacky Winter Group
Trailer audio by A Shell in the Pit

Zac Fay for Gubbins

Zac Fay for Gubbins