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高雄市旗山區農會 / 農特產 QISHAN Farmer's Association

BRAND|高雄市旗山區農會 QISHAN Farmer's Association

QISHAN Farmer's Association, with the concept of "旗" (flag) as the focal point in its logo design, encapsulates the essence of historical and cultural moments. The brand logo centers around the character "旗," integrating the architecture of the farmer's association, the stone arched corridor, and the scenic view of Qishan Mountain. The association's building symbolizes the accumulation of years, the stone arched corridor outlines the pulsating connections, and the distinctive features of Qishan Mountain showcase the regional charm.
The packaging design revolves around Qishan's renowned agricultural product – bananas, breaking away from traditional styles and adopting a simple modern geometric approach. The main color palette of the gift box is inspired by banana yellow and peel green, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Unlike conventional gift box options, the customizable gift box allows for a free combination of three varieties, including banana chips, caramelized banana chips, banana dried fruit, banana puff pastry, and handmade mille-feuille pastry. Each product is carefully selected by QISHAN Farmer's Association to offer banana-flavored leisure snacks. The banana chips provide a crisp texture, the traditional method of making banana dried fruit infuses rich banana aroma, and the banana puff pastry combines unique banana flavor with a crispy texture. This gift box not only satisfies taste buds but also showcases the association's dedication to agricultural products. The simple modern geometric style enhances the gift box's appeal, making it an ideal choice for gifting or personal enjoyment. Through this banana-themed gift box, we aim to share the unique flavor of QISHAN Farmer's Association, allowing everyone to easily savor the beauty of bananas.
Creative Director|Wang Chia Ying
Art Director| Lin Chieh Hui
Designe|Liou Shih Hua
高雄市旗山區農會 / 農特產 QISHAN Farmer's Association


高雄市旗山區農會 / 農特產 QISHAN Farmer's Association