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    Packaging Project
© 2011
Packaging project

Part of the Exhibition of the EXD'11 Lisbon's Design Biennale

The students were asked to imagine/create/choose the location and concept for a farm in order to design Wine labels and other packaging/objects from the farm's product range, without any boundaries.

This project comes with the platitude: Our cities occupy more and more and worse.
Green spaces are clearly insufficient, the planners have little for improvement, and ecologists sleep less and less...

Roofs are already exploited for solar energy, and very well, but that is not the only thing we can do.

The reuse of these surfaces, for planting of greenery, adds a number of undoubted advantages: cancellation of urban CO2 emissions, drastic decreases in temperature and the greenhouse effect. 
Local crops also mean better control of the ecological footprint of consumer goods and transactions, not to mention the creation of jobs and private gardens as well as the revitalization of barter trade.

Plate Bande: 
(From french)
Grid or wall surrounding the terrace or the roof of a build.

The concept, numbers and structures, are my fictional invention. 
For now...


Simple, these labels fit a quality new wine according to this innovative project.

The design was developed to strengthen this new concept, and put aside any doubt about the quality of  the "New brand" when entering the sales market.

Soft colors most suitable for different ranges of products as perfumes or other delicate substances, were used in order to evoke the feeling of new essences and the correct sootiness. Displayed in a horizontal scale, and free from other noises, these labels highlight the Quality and Controversy between the graphic language and the product Flavor...

I've produced models of labels and packages of Wine, Beer, and Canned vegetables.
All packages support bilingual descriptions.
Here only examples of the French/Portuguese version are shown.
The pictures show as good as possible the details of the construction of the objects.

Wine Bottles
Label Free from noises. All the legal info is printed in the back, which is glued but partly detachable
Beer Bottles
Canned Vegetables
Icon for each vegetable, matching soft colors and horizontal stripes inside a characteristic shape.
Simple label, with an indication of calories per dose for adults.

Chickpeas, Beans, Peas, Tomato, Olives and Corn
Thank you