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    FANTONE is a redesign of the spanish hand fan.
Color your breeze
The FANTONE is here to honor one of the most popular fashion accessories, which hasn’t evolved over time.
Fantone was born from the union of two concepts, the fan and Pantone®. The fan, a popular instrument and icon of Spanish culture, which is essential during hot summers, joins the color guide, an indispensable tool for designers and creative types. The color guide’s applications have gone beyond its original use and became a design that has landed on such a variety of products from mugs to bicycles to hotels.
The Fantone is not a color guide and isn’t intended to be one. Instead, it is an ironic approach to the famous color guide and its fanned form, transforming it into what it appears to be.
With the Fantone, the Spanish fan is renewed without losing its essence. We want to make the fan to be a trend in the new generations and become a fashion essential, giving a new breeze of color to the city.
Made in the traditional way of fans and using the same materials as always: high quality wood and fabric, the FANTONE, is designed and manufactured 100% in Spain made by Spanish artisans. 
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