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Bihobi Tiny House Project | Bursa, Turkey

Bihobi Tiny House Project | Bursa, Turkey
Hello Behance Community! We are thrilled to invite you to our unique project featuring 70 Tiny Houses nestled among the serene pine forests of Bursa!

Bihobi Tiny House Homes is a specially designed housing project for those embracing a nature-friendly lifestyle. The project's foundation is built upon the tranquility and serenity offered by Bursa's magnificent pine forests. These pine forests provide a spectacular atmosphere, framing and supporting our chosen lifestyle.

Bihobi Tiny House Homes have been designed not only for interior comfort but also to provide enjoyable outdoor experiences. The project offers residents not only a lifestyle intertwined with nature but also an enriched experience with various social activities. Nature walks, camps, and other social events are integrated into our project, turning it into not just a residential area but a lifestyle.

In this project, you will encounter a perfect blend of nature's tranquility and modern living. Each Tiny House is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and functionality, standing out not only as a residence but also as a living space. Bihobi Homes aim to deliver the tiny house experience, focusing on providing aesthetics, comfort, and an integrated life with nature.

We are excited to extend an invitation to experience the harmony of nature and modern living at Bihobi Tiny House!
Bihobi Tiny House Project | Bursa, Turkey