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| Klinik' EN |
We are excited to present to you the special design of Klinik'en, located in Şişli, one of Istanbul's popular districts, and operating in the field of health tourism. This unique clinic project aims to bring an innovative perspective to healthcare services by combining a warm and inviting atmosphere with a focus on cleanliness and freshness, while adding original details to distinguish itself from ordinary white concepts.

Cream-toned walls and concrete-effect paint are used to give our clinic a unique character. At the entrance, a single-piece concrete-look reception desk is highlighted with LED panels and supported by world clocks symbolizing health tourism.

The waiting areas offer a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. For instance, a large red chair defines the space, breaking the monotony of the white theme. The CNC-cut detail of the world map reflects the theme of health tourism. Additionally, a coffee corner and an informative TV have been added to ensure that patients can spend enjoyable time while waiting.
The design in patient rooms was carefully planned to equally meet the needs of both doctors and patients. One of our primary goals was to create a suitable workspace for the doctor and equipment storage areas for their convenience. Simultaneously, areas for the comfortable waiting of patient relatives and organized storage spaces for items that should not be left out, such as coats and bags, were designed.

Details that the patient may need after the operation were also taken into account. In patient rooms, a mirror is strategically positioned for the patient to see themselves comfortably. To break the monotony of the white color used in the general concept and to give the clinic a unique character, details in tile tones were added.

These details not only provide aesthetic appeal but also make patient rooms more functional by combining functionality and comfort. These rooms, designed with the needs of both patients and doctors in mind, aim to provide healthcare services at the highest level.

The goal of our project is to maximize the patient experience by combining aesthetics with functionality. While our design details follow a modern and chic line, they are also enriched with specific details related to the concept of health tourism.

We are delighted to share this project on the Behance platform and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback. We invite everyone interested in health tourism and clinic design to explore our project and share their thoughts.