Mohan Mutha PolytechIdentity & Branding
Mohan Mutha Polytech is a new venture from the Asia's largest exporter of PVC products, Mohan Mutha Exports. A $40million turnover company, Mohan Mutha Exports was established in 1977. The company started with the main objective of providing durable building construction machinery.

Initially they plan to manufacture PVC pipes. The product range will then increase to PVC doors and PVC Windows. Couple of years down the lane they wish to enter into manufacturing of parts for automobile, aerospace and railways industry. However their product range will also be limited to plastics.

When I started on their identity project, the first objective targeted was to simplify the name to "MM Polytech". Based on the keywords,  "fast growing - vibrant - stable - mature - dynamic - corporate - young", there were a variety of options explored for the logo. Finally the plastic textured, interwoven strips concept got through.
KeywordsFast growing + Vibrant + Stable + Mature + Dynamic + Corporate + Young
Thought process behind design elements
1. Relate to industry/business - Abstract PVC pipes and plastic texture
2. Dynamic and fast growing - Interwoven strands forming infinite loop, cross section of stack of pipes 
3. Vibrant, young, corporate, mature - Bright blue and green colours
Design options
Final design