The second step of this build development was about getting into production.
The quality of the output cannot be measured on the quality of renders, that were left at the very last few hours, mostly because here every single part has been designed in cad softwares.
The goal of this step was to fit everything into the correct dimensions, with correct gaps and bolts and nuts.
At this stage, the vehicle has been theoretically tested, that means it's stable on the road, considering every kind of dynamics, full load, climbing, turning at full throttle and braking.
Compared to the previous step, the tubular frame here is close to the final version, provided with production standard sections, carefully selected material, welds needed, lenghts of every single tube, and with a final FEA test, that reported very nice results supporting 150% of the maximum weight allowed.
Project is under contract with Ducati Energia. No specific/technical information can be delivered without NDA signature.