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    Signage system for the Centrum Galerie Dresden – one of the largest inner-city shopping centres in Germany.
Visitor information and signage system
With over 120 retail units and a sales area of 52,000 square metres, the Centrum Galerie Dresden is one 
of the largest inner-city shopping centres in Germany. The architectural design of Peter Kulka integrates 
the characteristic sculptured aluminium honeycomb of the original department store of 1978 into the new facade. The aim is for the signage system to blend into the unique architecture whilst at the same time satisfying all functional requirements.

The typology of the information elements comprises signs positioned on columns, suspended from ceilings and located flat upon walls or protruding. Along the mall are sign columns at the access and departure 
points of escalators and lifts, positioned parallel to the direction of movement. They combine an overview 
of the building with directions for the various floors. With regard to customer satisfaction, a cross-
generational and internationally comprehensible pictogram system was developed.

Taking a reference from the refracted form of the honeycomb on the exterior facade and the restrained 
black and white colour scheme of the architecture; monochrome, faceted information bearers with backlit lettering were designed. The black background contrasts with the light information, with its blurred 
contours reminiscent of neon advertising. They form a visual unit with the selected font and the 
pictogram system.