Our 3D Pop-up kirigami postcards (Origamic architecture - Paper Architecture - Patent N° 1263347) are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Three-dimensionality.
The study and attention to details, as well as the high quality materials used for their production make them an Exclusive and Distinguishing item too.

They are sold in the main souvenir and book-shops in the  most World Art Cities as Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Padua, Brescia, Vicenza, Verona, London, Bruxelles, Budapest, Tokyo, New York, etc...
Italian Cathedrals (St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice - St. Anthony's Cathdral, Padua - St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome)
Roman Arenas (The Colosseo, Rome and the Arena of Verona)
British Cathedrals: St. Paul, London and Canterbury
But we don’t make only 3D Pop up kirigami cards with monuments...
On clients requests and so as to satisfy each specific requirement, we indeed create various tridimensional subjects, from the Trademark and/or Firm Logotype to the Industrial Product needing advertisement (this is ideal in case of exhibitions), from the Boutique to the Prestigious Window shops... and furthermore Famous Hotels, VIP Private Clubs, Historical Houses, Reinassance Villas, as well as Medieval Castles and French Chateau...
Each subject can be realized with several kinds of paper and in different dimensions, it can be printed in one or many colours according to the specific needings. This way we offer an unlimited range of possible combinations, that is a really unique and inimitable product.
Our Popup kirigami greeting postcards are 100% Made in Italy.
Italian Castles
French Chateau, and Italian Villas
Wielemans Hotel in Bruxelles, Belgium - Tennis Club Prato, Italy
Commercial Advertising 3D Popup kirigami subjects
Christmas Greetings
Wedding "save the date" invitation cards
They can even be mailed without the envelope because of their innovative closure device.
For any other information, please feel free to contact us:
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35029 Pontelongo (Padova) Italy
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3D Popup Kirigami postcards

3D Popup Kirigami postcards

Our POP-UP CARDS are an Elegant and Refined article, Ideal for every occasion, Unique of its kind thanks to the original Tridimensionality. The Read More