40 custom fonts from 8 premium design shops
This 3rd edition from our Mega bundles is something really special. Highest quality custom fonts and shapes from 8 authors in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your custom font library, this Jumbo Deal is for you! With almost 93% off, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this bundle while you can.
This is our biggest custom font bundle yet. And with 40 font families from 8 premium design shops is this bundle one of the biggest and best quality font bundle ever!
With this deal you get:
- 40 Custom Font Families ( TTF or OTF or both font formats )
- Bonus vector shapes in font or vector format (Adobe Illustrator AI,EPS files or in TTF or OTF )
- Wide Variety of Uses
- Unique additions for your font and graphic design arsenal!
01. Gist Font Family by Yellow Design Studio
02. Veneer Complete Family by Yellow Design Studio
03. Skitch Complete Family by Yellow Design Studio
04. Magesta Script Complete Family by Yellow Design Studio
05. Samathor typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
06. Knight Guardan font + BONUS by AlterDeco Typefoundry
07. theFamous typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
08. LongMarch by AlterDeco Typefoundry
09. Brch Family by Agga Swist’blnk
10. Hobric Family by Agga Swist’blnk
11. Hobric Full Family by Agga Swist’blnk
12. Rocking Bones by Agga Swist’blnk
13. Rocking Rochoes by Agga Swist’blnk
14. Hoverage Special by Agga Swist’blnk
15. King Arthur Font + Bonus by fopifopi
16. Mama Bear + Cute Bonus by fopifopi
17. Warastika by fopifopi
18. Zakia Typeface by Artimasa
19. Prada Script Typeface by Artimasa
20. Baliho Script by Artimasa
21. Metros by Aeasea Design Co.
22. Fissure by Aeasea Design Co.
23. Goodway Slab by Aeasea Design Co.
24. Knell by Aeasea Design Co.
25. Isomoth Pro by Aeasea Design Co.
26. Seren Script by TypeFaith Fonts
27. Frye by TypeFaith Fonts
28. Birchwood by TypeFaith Fonts
29. Desierto by TypeFaith Fonts
30-40. Mini Font Bundle (11 fonts) by Denise’s Shop
Only Best Fonts – Mega Bundle!