My favorite creations for the 2014-15 UCF Knights athletic season.
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#56 UCF Everyday Champions
For promotion of our donor program the Golden Knights Club (GKC)
Adobe Photoshop
#55 Track Poster
Feel the energy!
Adobe Photoshop
#54 ESC (Eastside Club) Logo
Designed three individual marks for our new beach-themed club section at our football stadium.
Also designed the cover for the brochure (not pictured), which a preview is shown above.
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Adobe Illustrator
#50 Soocer Practice Field Windscreen
9ft tall x 97ft wide
Adobe Illustrator
#48 UCF Men's Golf Poster
Abobe Photoshop
#44 2015 UCF Women's Golf Poster
Took a new approach to these posters. Schedule via QR code if you are wondering.
Adobe Photoshop
#42 2015 UCF Softball Poster
Took another approach...introducing color!
*Ranked #12 Collegiate Softball Poster in the Nation by Sportposterswag
Adobe Photoshop
#28 Softball Field Wrap
Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop
#26 BHN Stadium 50th Game Celebratory Sticker
Created to "commemorate" our 50th football game at our on-campus stadium.  "Bouncin'" comes from the fact that the stadium  has an aluminum structure and litterally bounces when fans jump up and down.
Adobe Illustrator
#25 UCF Ugly Sweater Shirt
Given away at final home basketball games of 2014.
Adobe Illustrator
#24 2014-15 Season Ticket Holder Card
Say good-bye to ticket stock...the digital age is here, or atleast partially.
#23 Roth Tower Entrance Wall Art
This art is resides in the inteior of our Football stadium, Bright House Networks Statium. It is at the interior entrance to the Roth Tower. Digital art and better photos coming soon!
FALL POSTERS are linked with a white stripe that turns black. It's representative of the summer (white stripe) transitioning to the fall (black stripe) season...Long bright days turn to long dark nights. Heh
#19 2014 UCF Cross Country Poster
For this project, I used the race trail from the home meet in the background, and on the front runner's jersey. It maps out the course map and has yellow mile markers and the finish line. Cool.
#9 2014 UCF Football Souvenir Cup
The 2014 souvenir Cup is available during the home football games. I snapped a few pics to make this gif...wish I had recorded the process. Cool.
#18 Men's Soccer Posters
#17 Volleyball Poster
#16 Football Equipment Truck Wrap
Art is displayed on both sides of trailer.
#15 2014 GKC Membership Welcome Kit (Package Design)
Adobe Photoshop
#13 Women's Soccer Poster Wallpaper Convert
#12 2014 UCF Women's Soccer Poster
July 30, 2014
Highlighted the conference wins with the trophey (World Cup Inspiration with placement of  ball).  This year is about color here's your color explosion, BAM!!
No season schedule this year either, so welcome back QR codes!?
Adobe Photoshop
#10 Poster wallpaper convert.
#5 UCF Football Poster
Adobe Photoshop
#3 2014 UCF Football Season Tickets
Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator
#00 Digital Frame Preview
Project required a digital mock-up of a frame, so customers/fans could get a preview of what the panorama would look like framed. Done in photoshop using perspective positioning ...No 3D.