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3D Motion for Guam Women's Chamber event

Women Rising: Fanachu Famalåo’an is more than just a conference. It’s an empowering reminder of what women coming together can accomplish. The Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 10th year anniversary and brought together almost 400 women at the Dusit Thani Resort in Guam. Our team created several videos for the main stage of the event highlighting keynote speakers, panel discussions and master classes

Both keynote speakers, former Guam residents, flew in for the conference from the US mainland. We created intros with motivating soundtracks for their appearance on the stage.

Powering success through joy, people & P.I.E. by Lorrie Baldevia

Female disruptors and taking risks by Cassandra McFadden

The event also had 3 panel discussions: Startup stories, Women in Tech, The road behind us and the road ahead. Each of them had several participants – women from different business areas who came together to share their wisdom, ideas, and experience.
We created an animated intro for  the panels, as well as for each of the participants. 

Women in tech

Startup Stories

The road behind us and the road ahead

The videos designed by our team created a professional, uplifting atmosphere in the main ballroom. Fanachu Famalåo’an inspired hundreds of women and created for them an empowering safe space. Bird of Paradise Digital was honored to be part of this amazing event!

3D Motion for Guam Women's Chamber event


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3D Motion for Guam Women's Chamber event