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Mr Porter
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Mr. Porter, the renowned online luxury fashion and retail platform, partnered with CLIM STUDIO to create their 2023 holiday social campaign. With a target audience of over 2.5 million across various platforms, the objective was to showcase a curated selection of top-tier clothing, accessories, and footwear from some of the world's most prestigious fashion brands.
Creative Vision

We collaborated closely with Mr. Porter's in-house team of creatives, producers, and brand curators based in London, embarking on a journey to craft three unique worlds, each reflecting different aspects of their diverse customer base. These worlds, namely Luxury (Snow), Contemporary (Space), and Trend (Clouds), were approached with precision and sophistication to ensure they felt truly special.

Our design and animation choices were guided by a set of clear priorities that remained consistent throughout the campaign: Exquisiteness and Elegance were non-negotiable, while we aimed for a mood that was simultaneously whimsical yet mature, striking a balance between the new and the nostalgic. These three distinct worlds, tinged with a hint of surrealism, seamlessly became part of the same creative family.

Under the concept of Mr. Porter serving as the gateway to discovery, offering a distinctive and enchanting shopping experience, viewers accessed these worlds through the iconic Mr. Porter packaging. We strategically placed Mr. Porter's branding upfront to instantly establish brand recognition.
Visual Storytelling and Engagement

In the fast-paced world of social media, where user attention is notoriously fleeting, we emphasized creating high-impact visuals that could captivate and hold the audience's attention. Our animated content was thoughtfully designed for both speed and engagement, featuring dynamic camera movements and smooth transitions, all complemented by engaging audio and sound effects. Recognizing that video drop-offs often occur within a mere 5 to 6 seconds, we crafted fast-paced films optimized for social media, ensuring our content was suitable for multiple aspect ratios and platforms.

We were also commissioned to supervise the production of a series of 9 additional bumpers, each of them featuring one luxury product. Together with our films they all crafted a beautiful, cohesive and effective holiday campaign.

Executive Creative Director – Clim
Executive Producer – Jack Alexandre
Client – Mr Porter

Mr Porter Producer – Isabel Brooks
Mr Porter Art Director – Luca Ostacchini
Mr Porter Stylist – Sophie Hardcastle

Producer – Jack Alexandre
Concept Art & Storyboard – Tonet Durà + Joules Trouvé
CG Design Lead – Joe Mortell
CG Animation Lead – Carol Erique
CG Design & Animation – Witold Markiewicz
Houdini Artist – Maksym Vysokolov
Product Modeler – Mark Kostenko
Bumpers Design & Animation – Joe Mortell
Edit, Renders & Post Production – Berta Terrassa
Color Correction – Clim
Music & SFX – QB SOUND

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Mr. Porter, the renowned online luxury fashion and retail platform, partnered with CLIM STUDIO to create their 2023 holiday social campaign. With Read More