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  • TOSAY.IT is a continuation and a large update of our past projects with public text posters. After it gained a big exposure and interest through the internet and publications. we started to receive emails from people who were interested in doing the same, there were plenty of street artists & art students among interested. The messages found their new lives on the websites, blogs, books and even tattooed on the bodies. 
     It stimulated us to bring the project to the next level by creating a website, where people could expose the posters they hung up in their locations. So that  the website as a medium stimulates people to put up their messages, that together could be considered as one reflective piece. We came up with the domain name www.toSay.it.
    The main idea of the project is to explore text, streets & internet as an artistic medium, to broadcast actual ideas that are usually ignored by mass media, or to comment on the issues that seem important to put up by the author of the text. We hope the website will became an interesting public platform to explore, where words became more accessible. Participants of the project are people with different ideas, backgrounds, hometowns, so the texts are also different. Every time we travel somewhere we take posters with us, so the project becomes widespread.
     In november 2010 TOSAY.IT was exposed in Moscow's activistic art gallery at Vinzavod. In upcoming August it is going to be represented in public space in the center of Amsterdam.

  • Posters
  • by Egor Kraft
  • Color of equality is the color we have never seen.
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Wrong Is The New Right
    Location: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germ
  • No explanation for this one, this text is just about this text itself.
    Location: Stockholm. Sweden
  • Art About Art About Art...
    Location: Hanged on the gallery glass in Helsinki, Finland
  • Absurd Is The New Logic
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Medium Is The Message
    Location: Stockholm. Sweden
  • Whatever you read here, please, don't try to find any sense.
    Location: Venice, Italy.
  •   This poster was hung at 22:22
      Does it make any sense?
      Location: Stockholm. Sweden
  •   All You need is Universe.
      Location: Sydney, Maroubra beach, Australia.
  • God made man. He made a heaven and placed a man in it. Man could not follow Creator's rules and had to        leave heaven. Man created an art. He build a museums and placed an art in it. But art also could not follow the rules and had to leave museums for streets.
    Location: hanged on the wall of Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice, Italy.
  • Now Is Just Right Now
    Location: near Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence, Italy. 
  • Whatever you read here, please, don't try to find any sense.
    Location: Rimini, Italy
  • Absurd Is The New Logic
    Location: Rimini, Italy
    Location: Florence, Italy
  • How Much Is Enough?
    Location: Rome, Italy.
  • The Nonsense In it's purest form.
    Location: Rome, Italy.
  • Everything is fine, nobody is happy...
    Location: Ancona, Italy
  • A 2000 x 845 cm poster, Full absence of content.
    Location: Ara Pacis Augustae, Rome, Italy.
  • by Karina Eibatova
  • Now Is Happening Right Now
    Location: Rimini, Italy.
  • A beautiful moment has happened here.
    Location: Rome, Italy.
  • Every New Moment Disappears Forever
    Location: Berlin, Germany.
  •   Happy New Day!
      Location: Berlin Germany.
  •   Zen for graffiti.
      Location: graffiti district in Melbourne, Australia.
  • White background, black text.
    Location: Bologna, Italy.
  •    Wrong is the new Right.
       Location: Melbourne. Australia.
  •   Hello.
      Location: Sydney. Australia.
  • Every new moment disappears forever.
    Location: Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Now Is Happening Right Now
    Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • by Lesha Galkin
  • All of your actions will certainly create our future
    Location: Brugge, Belgium.
  • Features
  • Urban Interventions book.
  • Tokion Magazine
  • Zing Magazine
  • A friend of Egor Kraft, Denis recently got a tattoo with Egor's "the secret of happiness…" poster. He asked Denis a few questions... you can read it on site
  • Website

  • You can find more on WWW.TOSAY.IT
    Previous poster interventions can be seen here
    You can also follow TOSAY.IT facebook's page
    If you would like to publish or promote TOSAY.IT or for any other needs feel free to contact us at email
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