SK Telecom B box
Intergrated Brand eXperience
Design Project

Nowadays, most of IPTV includes not only watching TV and VOD feature but
many various things. Furthermore many features will be added to Android-based 
IPTV terminal like smartphone apps. Our project goal is designing a brand experience
of B BOX with these features more efficiently.

The objective of B BOX is to provide good experience to members of family life and it means pursuing much convenience and communication with family members not just watching TV.

Based on these service objectives, PLUS X defined this brand as
‘Next Home Communication Hub for Human’ and developed a brand slogan
‘Open Your Smart Home Life’. And also we issued brand keywords, design keywords 
and design essence such as color, font, shape, graphic motif, icon, material and etc.

After performing the above works, PLUS X consistently designed product
(terminal and remote controller), brand logo, package design, UX/GUI
and motion of brand experience strategy basis.

Product design was reflected in service concept that set-top box is centered in home that unlike existing set-top boxes. Especially we designed a mood lighting function which can be seen the
cube-shaped box to stand out in the living room, and expressed a design concept that shining
serenely as a home hub. In the case of remote controller, we proposed an innovative
PUI structure based on research and user test, so we maintained a modern
& sophisticated design tone & manner of brand design more than existing things.

About UX and GUI design, we considered user-centered and contents-focused
approach to deliver intuitive and differentiated experiences for users. Especially PUI of
remote-controller influence TV to make an UX structure. Unfortunately UX of remote-controller
couldn’t change greatly so it is no better than that of a chronic four-way structure. 
But we attempted to  raise a user value based on the direction of UX; ‘Smart lean back’,
‘Direct Access’and ‘Service expansion’.

Finally, we set a tone of sound and motion of motion graphic design based on a
brand essence of B BOX. We developed a logo animation that showing the service concept
when the TV boot, and introduction video at Mobile World Congress, Spain in 2013.
In addition,  we made UX guide movie which can be easily understood characteristics
of service to create a brand experience more.

Plus X
Project Director : Myungsup Shin, Sabum Byun, Seungwon Huh
BX Planner : Bohyun Shin
BX Designer : Dongwoo Lee, Youngin Koh, Jiyoung Yoon, 
Junhyuck Chun, Hyun Lee, Dajeong Hyun
UI Designer : Eunock Jung, Jeonghyuk Won, Hyojin Park, 
Sanghyuk Park, Dakyeong Han, Soonyoung Kim, Eunjung Lim, Kiwon Jang
UX Planner: Jihye Park, Bongkyou Park, Yeonsu Kim, Jeongho Kim, Youjin Jeon, Yujung Kim
Motion Designer : Junggun Park, Jongmin Song, sinmyung Ryu, Jihye Lee

SK Telecom
Merchandise Planning Team

Date: 2012. 10 ~ 2014. 01               Plus X Facebook   
SK Telecom B box Intergrated Brand eXperience Design