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    Corporate Identity and design for 6by6 photography studio, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
6by6 Photography
Identity Design
#info 6by6 Photography is a studio founded by Giorgio Papadopoulos, a greek based photographer, in order to handle the commercial part of his work for numerous newspapers and magazines. Since the word "photography" is included in the company's title, there was no point in accentuating the meaning through a photography specific logo, or wordplay, and decided instead to focus on the typography. The name derives from the 6 by 6 cm, medium format film dimensions for a Hasselblad. In order to achieve the fresh and edgy look the client was looking for, the decision was made to create a custom typeface born out of a 6 by 6 grid, therefore subtly incorporating the characteristic of the company's name to its wordmark.